I’ve added some buttons and a Flickr badge with a great deal of my past crochet and knit projects. I’m not very good at getting pictures of works in progress (mostly because I have so many going at once). I’ve recently finished the Quick Baby Sweater which is another version of the 5 Hours Baby Sweater. The QS pattern is pretty full of errors, but I’ve come to expect it from free patterns. I also did one of the Baby Boy 5 Hours Baby Sweater which I liked ALOT better, very well written. I decided to forgo putting the unworked stitches on a stitch marker while working the sleeves and just left them on the needles as instructed in the QS pattern. It was much easier than trying to get the stitches back on the needle. I’d like to try another one with smaller needles…I wonder if it would work if I used needles half as small and just cast on twice as many stitches…hmmmm??? I like the pattern, but I’d like to make it a bit closer knit. I really like knitting it all in one peice because I DETEST sewing the pieces together.

On the needles/hook, I currently have:

  • Piece of my Heart Dishcloth ready to bind off.
  • Cradle Purse (crocheted) which is FULL of errors…the bain of my existance lol.
  • Kat’s Paws WristletsAnd a bajillion patterns I want to make tempting me 🙂
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