I’m working on a dishcloth and loving every minute of it! I’ve been wanting to attempt a round dishcloth but have been a little nervous about it. I guess this is called “short rows”? Either way, it’s turning out wonderfully! I think the next one I will do in alternating varigated and solid panels.
Have a looksee:
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I’m still working on those wristlets. They were kind of boring so I changed it up by adding ribbing with mock cables (T1R). It’s still tedious lol. But my dd wants them, so I’ll keep plugging away.

The crocheted purses are a nice break in the monotony. I’ve made three so far. The baby socks I haven’t picked up at all. They are boring me too.

Maybe I’m in a knitting rut?

OH! I did something a little adventurous! I went to a couple of thrift stores and found some sweaters to dismantle and reuse for other projects. I found a lovely red/orange/pink turtleneck in 100% lambs wool (from The GAP) and two 100% cotton sweaters. So far, the wool sweater seems to be the easiest to dismantle. The cotton is NOT cooperating. One is coming off in little pieces rather than unwinding row by row. Dangit! I really liked that one too, it was kind of a shiny cotton. I was *hoping* it might be enough for a Clapotis. *sigh*