An update on the clapotis!
I’ve started it, two days ago actually, but I’ve only had about 2 hours to work on it over the last three days. Between kids doctors appts (I have two of my four children with pneumonia now) and the kids having yesterday off from school, it doesn’t make much time for knitting. I get a lot of my knitting done in the van while waiting for them all to get out of school (four kids in four different schools letting out at four different times makes for lots of knitting time lol).

Anyway, here’s the clapotis:

It’s curling at the bottom, is that normal? Something that will come out with blocking? Don’t you love my “stitch markers” lol. I don’t have any on hand and didn’t want to wait until I got some…not to mention I can’t fathom spending $5 on 10 little plastic rings! I’d rather make my own pretty ones with beads!! Something else that’s on my “to try” list.

Here’s a close up:

The color doesn’t photograph well, it’s called “winter white”. This yarn is soooo soft! I love it! I think I’m going to go back & get some more for baby sweaters. Or maybe even a sweater for myself 🙂