I finally finished dd’s wristlets. After trying out a few patterns and not finding them to suit my needs, I decided to just wing it. I think they turned out pretty well. Yes, they are a hideous green/silver Red Heart Sport acrylic (her choice, not mine – more proof that a 14yr old’s taste is all in her mouth), but I like the finished product. The inspiration for the twists came from a dishcloth pattern, I don’t know the author though.

Here they are:
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And a close-up:
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size 4 double pointed needles, set of 4
Sport weight yarn

Twist 1 Right: Knit next two stitches together and leave them on the left needle. Knit in the first stitch (between the two knit together), slipping both stitches off the needle.

Cast on 60. Divide evenly among 3 needles (20,20,20).
Ribbing: K2, P2 around. Repeat until ribbing measures 1/2″.
Knit two rounds.

Rnd 1: T1R, P2. Repeat around.
Rnd 2: K2, P2. Repeat around.
Rnd 3: K2, P2. Repeat around.
Repeat rounds 1, 2, 3 until piece measures 6″.

Working back & forth (as if a flat piece).
Start on row 2 of pattern (K2, P2) right side (RS).
Wrong side(WS), P2, K2 across.
Next round(RS): T1R, P2 across
WS: P2, K2 across
RS: K2, P2 around, picking up and working in the round again
Next round: T1R, P2 around.

Work in ribbing pattern (K2, P2) until ribbing measures 1/2″.
Bind off in pattern. Weave in ends.

*Pattern & pictures property of Heather Cox. Please do not claim as your own. Please do not attempt sell this pattern.