Now that my partner has received her package, I can post about what I made for her.

At the beginning of the year, I joined Mystery Skein Swap. The idea behind the swap was to get a chance to make something for someone you (probably) don’t know in person and get a chance to maybe work with fibers you may not have had a chance to work with before.

I was lucky enough to be paired up with Teri. She sent this beautiful purple wool, Cascade 220. I had never worked with this yarn before. It worked up beautifully, the color was just fabulous. I think it’s called delphinium. At first I couldn’t decide whether to make her wristlets or a scarf, or if maybe I would have enough for both. After swatching, I realized I would not be able to make both.

Having already made umpteen pairs of wristlets, I was ready to try something new. Plus, a scarf could be worn not only in the cold months, but as an accessory too.

I decided on the Karaoke Cable Scarf. I have to say I LOVE this pattern. It is so simple, yet impressive in it’s row after row of twisting cables. It was so easy to memorize, I was able to put my pattern away after only a couple of repeats. In fact, most of this scarf was done while Knitercizing like my friend Isa aka Tricotine. I am not talented enough to do the treadmill and knit, but recumbant bike & knitting I can handle. I’m not even going to try knitting on the elliptical…I might lose an eye!!

Without further ado, here is Teri’s Karaoke Cable Scarf šŸ™‚