It has been a week full of knitting in this house.
I have been knitting furiously at this baby blanket, dodging homework & studying whenever I can in hopes of getting this thing finished before the weekend.

I made it. At 11am this morning, it was finished:

I’m not sure why the finishing corner is pointed and the cast on corner is flattened. I followed the instructions, decreasing until there were 4 stitches remaining, then knitting one more row before casting off the last 4 stitches. Oh well. It’s cute. You can definitely tell the upper right hand corner (as you’re looking at the picture) is the last corner…it’s just a tad more stretched out (from the weight of the blanket, I assume) than the other corners.

Then to celebrate my being done with that monkey on my back (and to distract myself from the fact that I have one more baby blanket to do…) I cast on for this adorable Newborn Adjustable Hat. I made it with Red Heart “Soft Yarn” in Turquoise.
**The link is created using since the link where the original (free) pattern was ( takes you to a site that no longer has free patterns (**

It’s a cute hat. The only change I made was instead of using a crochet hook to make a chain for the tie, I just made an i-cord using size 6dpns. I think it turned out cute too.

As if that wasn’t enough, my 8yo son finally got the hang of knitting. He’s cast on and is working on his knit stitch and is very excited to be the first boy in our family to knit lol. My younger son is quite jealous.

He’s a natural!

And he’s a “thrower” it seems.

I know have three knitting children, with the youngest (age 5) itching to get started 🙂 My oldest daughter is creating her own pattern for wristlets and is about done with the first one. My youngest daughter just finished her own pattern for a GameBoy SP Cozy. It’s a family FO affair lol.