Welcome to my new (blog) home….WordPress 🙂

I decided I liked the ‘widgets’, the format, the general layout of WordPress a whole lot more than Blogger. Although I did want to swear trying to figure out where to get the Flickr RSS feeds to go since WordPress neglects to include that information in their FAQs…but I digress.

I’ve been working on a project from my One Skein Wonders book. This is the “Jamaica Pouch”:

I love the Circular Spiral Stitch that makes it look like it’s twisted.

It’s done in King Tut Cotton, which I am really liking. I like that there’s no Fuzz. Something I have an issue with when knitting with other fibers. I love the sheen it has. I’m not so fond of the splitting that it tends to do. But so long as I’m careful, that doesn’t happen. Much.
Notice my stitchmarker 🙂 It matches lol.

Today I went to the book store to look for the March issue of Simply Knitting. We get it about a month behind here in the states. No luck. But I did pick up this :

Mostly because I remembered that this pattern would be in it:

Roza’s Socks by Grumperina Woot!!

And as an added bonus, I get to go back to the bookstore next week to see if the Simply Knitting mag is in yet. Sweet!