Today was a good mail day ๐Ÿ™‚

In the mail came not only the new 5″ bamboo dpns dh purchased for me. A complete set from US0 to US11:

(yes, the size fives are missing, I took them out to admire them and forgot to return them before snapping the picture)

But also my two balls of Cascade Fixation “Purple Passion” from Alpaca Direct :

I have just the project for them! As soon as my Knitpicks order gets here. I am going to attempt the Magic Loop method and short row heels ….but first I need to practice lol. A LOT!

I finished the Jamaica Pouch. I only changed it a smidge. Instead of crocheting the drawstrings, I made i-cord for them instead. All that is left is to weave in the ends of the i-cord. Weaving is my least favorite part, I’m sure it will be at least another week before I ‘get to it’.

On the needles I have sock #2 of My Socks. I cast on during Jericho on Wednesday night, knitted all through Jericho and through most of Lost. I was nearly through the cuff at that point. Then on Thursday, during economics class I turned the heel ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing like turning the heal while learning about marginal utility (the most useless chapter in the book, IMO). Here is my progress through today, all done with the heel, the gusset and decreasing. Now it’s just the round and round and round until I’m ready for the toe decrease:

They are done in Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, which I am really not liking. The colors don’t match well. There are blobs of unexpected colors in the middle of a pattern. Just messy striping IMO

I am not liking how my SSK stitch is looking. It looks sloppy & loose compared to my K2Tog stitch. I slip as if to knit…should I be slipping as if to purl?

Gratuitious Cat Shot, kitties enjoying their kitty crack (aka catnip)