Oh so sick. Ugh.

Since Friday-ish I haven’t felt very good. The peak of yuckiness was Saturday night/Sunday morning. I didn’t even knit at all on Saturday, that’s how bad it was.

By Monday I was feeling a bit more human, today a little more. I still have this nagging cough that is driving me crazy. I’ve coughed so much and so hard, I think I pulled a muscle between my ribs. Ouchi!

Now that I’m on the mend again I’m knitting away at the second striped baby blanket. This one is done in Bernat Sweet Stripes “Splash”.

I really like this color much better than the purple & white one I did.

I’m almost to the halfway point where I can start decreasing. I’m at about 155 stitches and I need to get to 190 before I start decreasing again. At one stitch increased per row…you can see why these darned things take so long. I REALLY want to start the candleflame shawl. I’m holding off until I get a ball winder so I can wind up the KnitPicks Gossamer with it rather than by hand. I can handle improvising for a swift. I can handle improvising for a ball winder…but I can’t improvise both at the same time lol. I’ve checked Michaels and Joannes (the only “craft” stores we have around here, no LYSs) to no avail. I know AC Moore has them…but the closest AC Moore is an hour away, so the trip will have to be planned for sometime in the future. Hopefully the near future.

Back to my coughing and this darned baby blanket….