Mom stopped by today. She wanted to know if I wanted to go to the ‘dollar store’ on my side of town, called Real Deals. It’s not like a regular dollar store, full of stuff that’s *maybe* worth a dollar. Plastic crap, knick knacks and suspicious food items.

No, this Real Deals is the real deal! They have stuff in there you can actually identify and say “hey, I saw that at Wal*mart for $4 just last week” and everything in the store is $1 or less so you know that’s a deal!

And they carry yarn.
So you know my cheap self loves this store!

We went there and they had BOXES, huge boxes full of Moda Dea yarn. There were two other women pawing through the boxes when we got there. They were polite enough. One asked if Moda Dea was an off brand. I said no, you could go across town to Joanne’s or Michael’s right now and find it on the shelf. It’s one of the higher priced Acrylic. I just happened to be wearing My Socks, the ones made of Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in “Crayon”. So I showed them my socks. They were quite impressed.

And as I looked down to slide my foot back in my shoes I noticed the box at my feet. It was FULL of Moda Dea Sassy Stripe yarn!! I held up the skein and said “Ladies, this is my socks right here! I paid $6 skein at AC Moore in a town an hour away because neither Joannes or Michael’s carries anything remotely sock-like.

I spent $50 on yarn. But this is what I came home with:

All Moda Dea:
9 skeins Sassy Stripes “Stormy”
9 skeins Sassy Stripes “Crush”
5 skeins Sassy Stripes “Crayon”
2 skeins Cheerio “Ruby”
3 skeins Ticker Tape “Monet”
1 skein Prima “Red”
1 skein Prima “Olive”
1 skein Cheri “Red”
1 skein Swirl “Tinker”
1 skein Fur Sure “Helloo Yellow”
2 skeins Cartwheel “Sea Blues”
2 skeins NOW! “Black Diamond”
2 skeins Cheri “Green”
2 skeins Cheri “Black”
1 skein Lazy Daisy “Wavy Navy”

Can I get a WOOT WOOT 😀 😀 😀

Carmen (my dog) was excited to see mama excited