I finished Elfine #1 this evening.

I probably would have been finished sometime this afternoon had I not been so distracted by everyone being home (plus one more for a sleepover) and had to tink then reknit nearly every stinking row of the last two repeats. Not all at once, mind you. I probably would have given up lol. No, I’d get 3 or 4 rounds done correctly, then mess up and have to tink out 1 round. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I think I will wait to cast on sock #2 after the kids go back to school on Tuesday. In the meantime, I have cast on All Season Shell from Lionbrand. I’m using TLC Cotton Plus though. It’s slightly less tedious than the garter stitch baby blanket I’m avoiding. I figure, she’s a first time mom and not due until June. I probably have until the end of June to get it done. Then who needs a baby blanket in June? If I really wanted to procrastinate, I could wait until September. But I won’t. The guilt would eat at me.

-Sweet Stripes Baby Blanket
-All Season Shell
-soon to be OTN: Elfine #2