I’ve updated my Flickr account and added all the pictures that I’ve taken of nearly everything I’ve made (crocheted & knitted). Just click on the little Flickr widget on the right side of the page there & you’ll see them. All 67 of them…the good, the bad, and the fug LOL.

Elfine #2 has been cast on and is going well. I’ve finished the toe increases and am ready to start the lace pattern on the instep. I still refuse to pick up that dang baby blanket. I think I’ll just leave it where it is the entire spring break and start bringing that to class to work on. I plan on being done with Elfine #2 by then so I’ll need something to keep my hands busy.

Went to Borders this weekend to see if they had Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off. They didn’t. 😦 I did get Knitting Under the Influence. Started it after dinner last night and finished it around midnight. It was good, very low on the knitting content, but quite a few laugh out loud moments (“stop saying lick the steak!”). And since I already finished The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Knitting Circle (both fantabulous!) I got a few more books while I was there.
The Kite Runner
The Kommandant’s Girl

I’ve got plenty of time on my hands to get them read before spring break is over. If I ignore my online class…..