You ever have something you really stink at? You like to do it, you wish you were better but you just suck?

For me, that thing is bowling. I like bowling, it’s fun, I try to improve. But I just suck. Even with bumpers I suck. I went out last night with some friends from work, we get together once a month and do something fun. Last month it was the comedy club. This time we went out for drinks & dinner followed by bowling. I’m thinking I probably could have bowled better had I been inebriated

The first game my score was 53. Yes, you read that right. 53.
By the middle of the second game I was done being sucky. I just stood at the end of the lane & flung it and turned around, not watching my ball do anything. I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted the game to be over so my suckiness could be hidden again lol. Even with all this flinging, my score for the second game was 63. Improvement? I think not. Just dumb luck. Both of these games were huge improvements over the last time I bowled (a few months ago) where I got a whopping score of 9. Yes, it is possible to get a single digit score in a 10 frame game of bowling. Yessirree!

Next time, we’re doing something I’m good at. Like reading or knitting.
Actually, I was thinking maybe Karaoke 😆

You may notice I have a new button on the sidebar. The “Naughty Knitter” button. I had no idea there was such a place until my friend Tricotine noted it on her blog. We were both kicked off the same Monthly Dishcloth KAL Yahoo Group. Her just recently, myself last year. I was kicked off for complaining about the Group owner using the Group emails to propagate her own home business. I joined a Knitting Group and was getting SPAMMED by the list owner. I did not provide my email address so I could be bombarded with spam about work from home scams! So being an outspoken redhead…I spoke up about it. And was promptly showed the door.

Coincidentally, my friend Tricotine aka Isabelle, was shown the door because she has things for sale on her blog and she posts her blog URL in her signature. I have “known” Isabelle through knitting groups & blogs for the last two years, at least. She has *always* had her blog in her signature. And for at least the last six months, she has had her OWN (beautiful, I might add) patterns for sale on her blog. They are just now deciding that is cause for being banned?
Those of you who are still graced with a membership to the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, take a look at the leaders emails. What is in her signature line? A link to a blogger blog that is not a blog, but a “marketplace” for things made by her that she is SELLING. Is she not breaking her own rules then? Do the rules only apply to those who offer competition to the list owners’ own patterns/stitchmarkers for sale? All I can say is somethings never change.

On to knitting. Elfine #2 is coming out nicely. I’ve turned the heel (I really need practice on my short row heels I think, they aren’t turning out as nicely as I think they should) and am working up the leg now. A couple more repeats and she will be done. Tonight I think. Pictures will be forthcoming.

I am liking the pattern. It’s simple enough that it’s easy to remember (round by round, not the entire 16 round pattern). The only warning I would have about the pattern is to PAY ATTENTION when you go from the heel to going up the leg. At the beginning, from the toe to the heel, the first needle is the instep and the second needle is the sole. Once you turn the heel and start going up the leg, that is reversed. The first needle is the back of the leg and the second needle is the front of the leg. I had to make note on the pattern to remind myself that I did not get my needles reversed. Other than that, it’s lovely. I can’t wait to have the finished pair done.

I just wish I had some clear clogs with which to show off my handiwork….