Or Booga, as the case may be 🙂

She is finished!

The story. I started out on Monday using size 9dpns. Once I got to about row 17 I realized this was going to be one VERY small bag if it felts as much as others in Patons SWS that I’ve been seeing. So Tuesday I pulled it all out and started anew on newly acquired size 10.5 bamboo needles. I didn’t get any progress pictures of the new size, it went by too fast. I started knitting the bottom of the bag during economics class around 10am and it was finished while watching LOST Wednesday night, sometime between 10pm and 11pm. Not nonstop knitting, mind you…as I have classes Tuesday morning & evening, as well as having to take kids to & from school. There was a trip to the dr’s on Tuesday afternoon that got me a good 45 minutes of knitting in. Then classes again Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, where I cannot knit during class.

I started the i-cord Thursday morning and finished it Thursday evening. Felted it Thursday night, let it dry over night and this morning I cut the i-cord (gasp!), poked the holes in the bag and threaded the i-cord through (by far the most difficult part of the whole deal).

Here is the picture timeline:

Finished knitting, unfelted:

Close up of the unfelted bag:

The bag, drying after felting:

And all finished (but in desperate need of a shave!):

I am in complete & utter love with this bag! I am going to give her a shave 😆 and take her to work with me to show her off. I can’t wait to show my two knitting professors! And I can’t wait to make another one!

And since I have joined Project Spectrum and the colors for April/May are green/yellow/pink…I think this qualifies. What do you think?