A bunch of slightly disjointed thoughts, to go with my disjointed week.

First of all, here is a Coffee Cup cloth that I made earlier this year and just hadn’t gotten a picture of yet. The pattern is here.

And the Ice Cream Cozy that I made a while back. Who likes to get cold hands while enjoying their Ben & Jerry’s? Not me! I just made it up as I went along.

In honor of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day (hurry, it’s only until 8pm!). This is the banana split flavor. I haven’t tried it yet. I really wanted their limited edition Apple Pie flavor (soooo gooodd!!!) but I couldn’t find anymore 😦 Too limited if you ask me!

Even though I have been busier than a heck I’ve still been knitting (tis how I keep my sanity!). I’ve been working on another booga bag:

I’ve also been plugging away at that darned baby blanket. Here is my progress so far. I’m still in the 100s as far as how many rows I have left to go WaaaahhH!! 😦

I really like the colors though. They remind me of cartoon frogs or something lol. I hereby promise to have this damn thing done by the end of the month (of April).

I’ve also given up on the All Season Shell. I HATE the yarn I was using (TLC Cotton Plus). I loved it when I did dh’s Baseball sweater, but this batch must be just awful. It’s splitty, full of knots and the skeins are just FULL of yarn vomit. Arg! I actually threw a whole skein away because it was just one big knotted mess in the middle. Bah!

My oldest dd has been doing some experimental knitting. She’s attempting dpns!!! Making herself the Squipod iPod Cozy for her Nano. She has a bit of start-itis though. She casts on gets quite far into the project then decides she doesn’t like it or it’s too hard or too boring so she frogs it. She knits A LOT and has very little to show for it lol. Hopefully it’s a phase and she’ll eventually make something and finish it πŸ˜›

I joined Sockapalooza 4 I am sooo excited about this! Nothing like another knit exchange to feed my sock addiction.

Speaking of my sock addiction. I’ve told hubby that I want this for Mother’s Day. I spent most of the day drooling or trying to pet it through the screen. Aren’t I pitiful?
pet the pretty yarn

I also tried my hand at homemade sock blockers, although I still don’t see the point in blocking socks for anything other than taking pictures of the socks. And even then, I’d rather see a sock (or two) on a foot (real or mannequin). I don’t think it was too successful. I broke the hanger part of one of them. The other one looks like a deformed foot.

I did a little shopping this week. Found not one but TWO issues of Simply Knitting at my Borders. One of these days I will break down and just get a subscription. But knowing my luck, Borders would have them before I got mine in my mailbox and I would end up with two copies every month πŸ˜† I did some MORE shopping for my Knitters Exchange partner. And I heard from my partner too. I’m so excited about this exchange stuff πŸ˜€

Exams have been taken (three anyway, the fourth has been post-poned until next Monday because of last Monday’s storm). I had the YUCKIEST start to my Monday. I was all set to complain & blog about it (I’ve had an idea draft saved adding all the stuff I wanted to blog about all week but didn’t have time) until I came home and saw the news of the Virginia Tech shootings. In perspective, my day wasn’t so bad. Makes me want to grab my children and never let them out of the house!!

The kids & I went to the library today. They finally had a bunch of knitting books that were written later than 1970! Two that I wanted were checked out (one of them overdue, scofflaws!!!) but I did get Cables Untangled. It just solidifies that I WANT that book lol. I hadn’t wanted to shell out the $$$ to get it, but after seeing it at the library, it’s definitely worth it. After I get the Yarn Harlot’s new book…which STILL isn’t stocked at my Borders. Stupid bookstore.

My oldest daughter and myself are both avid readers. We both find it hard to choose between knitting or reading. So while at the library, we picked up some books on CD to listen to while we knit πŸ˜€

In household news, we got a new fence!!

It’s true what they say….fences do make the best neighbors πŸ˜€

Did anyone else get hit with Winter’s Last Blast on Monday? We got about 8″ of heavy wet snow and my classes were cancelled for Monday (the kids are out on Spring Break). It’s almost all melted already. My poor tulips & daffodils are soo confused!!