So I made the kitties a Catnip Mouse this morning. Um, I think I need to make a couple more…

First the two older ones sniffed it, the younger guy stayed back (out of respect? or is it fear of getting his furry little kitty butt kicked by the bigger two?)

Now I have to say, Poncho – the orange one is usually very timid and lets the other two have their way with all the toys before he decides to play with it. Not this time. He got the mouse first! Jumped right on it as soon as I set it down.

I did manage to sneak the mouse away for a second so I could get a decent picture of it. It was very wet & soggy with kitty spit. Ew.

While I had it on the floor, the younger one (TwoTone) came & snatched it before the older two could get it back.

He had his way with it for a few minutes before the old man (Caspi) came over and decided it was his turn. For an old guy, he gets way more vicious with his toys than the other two. He throws it in the air, claws it with his back claws. Of course, he is the resident sock/mitten/glove hunter in the house. If there’s a missing match to any of these, we can usually find it in Caspi’s hinding places.

Hubby said, while watching Caspi maul the toy, “Can you imagine the mess he’d make with a real mouse?”. Ah, but only if it’s filled with catnip 😆