I’m feeling the itch to buy more yarn. I’m smothering that itch. Coincidentally, I always get this itch while listening to Lime & Violet 😆 Imagine that!

Must….Resist….The Yarn…..

**deep breath**

I have been knitting, I just haven’t had the time nor the motivation to take pictures. Thought I’d give the picture loading a break. I have finished booga bag #4, it’s in the washer right now. Amazingly enough, I only have ONE project on my needles!! Mom’s Mother’s Day Socks! I am sooo itching to start something else, but I’m resisting that too. Jeesh, I’m depriving myself alot this week. I’m hoping dh listened and will buy me that Zen String Serendipity Sport for Mother’s Day 😀

My Knitter’s Treat Exchange package is just about ready to be shipped. It definitely will go out by the end of this week. Saturday at the latest. I can’t wait to spoil my partner!!

I’m thinking I’m going to tackle the Victorian Punk Sleeves next. Just for a change from socks, bags, & blankets. There’s also another felted purse in my One Skein Wonders book that I want to attempt. Not to mention the felted bags from a book my professor lent me. I want to try my hand at entrelac with this really neat bag. It would make great use of all my wool scraps. See, I’m using up some stash.

I still itch to buy more yarn. I really should stop browsing Etsy shops 😮