I am so absolutely PISSED over this blogger thing with Sockapalooza 4. I can’t log in, I can’t post, I’m grateful that I can even comment. I have tried two different accounts, both of which are switched to the “new & improved Google/Blogger” (my ass). Neither one can I access Sockapalooza dashboard. I am already logged in, I click the invite & it makes me log in again. Then it gets to that Redirecting page, sits there for a bit then gives me that friggin 502 error.

It’s ruining my whole Sockapalooza experience! I want to play too dammit!!

Thank you Blogger for reminding me why I switched to WordPress 😡

***Edited to add….

I no sooner posted this and went back to try again (for the BAJILLIONTH time!) and voila! I’m in. Fockers.

Scratch that. I can log in, but still can’t post.