I finally did the finishing the 5 hours baby sweater done in LionBrand Homespun. This was the first and last time I will ever use that yarn. It was the worst fiber I have ever worked with. It bunched, it frayed, it frizzed. It just sucked all around 😉

In fact, I decided not to do buttons & button loops just because I did not feel like working with the yarn again just to crochet the button loops on. It will just be a plain, buttonless baby cardigan. Just in the knick of time. The baby the sweater is intended for was born early this morning 🙂 Here it is:

I’ve been plugging away on  my Project of the Month shawl. I’m on skein #3 and should be done with it by the end of the week. I did find a small error a few rows down that I’m going to rip back to. But that won’t take long to reknit. I think it’s only about 1 pattern repeat (16 rows). Here is the shawl in progress:


It’s a busy day today. I’m still struggling to get my last computer program running (it’s not cooperating), study for my programming final, dh has his first day on the new job today, I have to go visit my friend and her new baby 🙂 as well as all the usual cleaning, cooking, kids stuff.

More tomorrow when it’s less hectic!