I finally snagged dd long enough to snap a picture of her new socks. These socks went very quickly. I used US size 3 dpns and . Sock #1 was started last Thursday & finished last Friday. Sock #2 was started this past Tuesday & finished on Wednesday. Two socks in two days…not bad considering dd has ladies size 10.5 feet!!! 😮

She was home sick yesterday so I managed to snag a picture of the illusive teenager. Well, at least a picture of her socked feet

And they are TWINS!!! I used almost two whole skeins of yarn for Miss Big Foot. I don’t think there’s even enough left to make ONE baby sock lol. The best part? She’s wearing them to school today 😀

Last week my first Lime & Violet order came. Squee!! Shipping was super fast, and included in the yummy yarn package was a HUGE orange gumball and cute little stickers. It’s so soft & squooshy & sproingy I’m thinking I want to attempt a Cookie A. pattern with this yarn. Oh yes, I will learn how to read charts by the end of the summer 😆 Here is my Friday Yarn 0Pr0n contribution. Miss Violet’s Vampyre “M Class”:

I’m still plugging away at the Waves & Shells shawl. I think maybe 1-2 more pattern repeats (32 rows) plus the border (4 rows) and I’ll be ready to bind off. All done, I think it’s going to be close to 60″ long. Not bad 🙂

I’m also getting ready to cast on sock #2 of the pair that was supposed to be for my mom but ended up being too tight so now they are for my youngest dd. As soon as those are done (on size 1 circ) I’ll cast on another pair for mom. This time doing the foot with a size 2 circ and the heel & leg with size 3 circ. Hopefully that will do the trick.

I have decided on my Sockapalooza pattern. I’m going with the Cider Moon Saucy pattern. I ordered the yarn earlier this week. I’ll reveal that as soon as it gets here 🙂

Yesterday I finished a really good book. Moloka’i by Alan Brennert. It was VERY good! About a little Hawaiian girl who gets sent away to a leper colony. Sad, uplifting, inspiring, and eye-opening. Definitely a good read.