I thought that when I was done with my classes, I wouldn’t be so busy. I thought wrong! My kids’ schools cram everything into the last 3 weeks of school. Award ceremonies (my boys each got one :D), field trips (four just in the next two weeks), school “fair” fundraiser for new playground equipment, the list goes on.

I don’t have any progress pics, but I have been knitting. And frogging. I frogged the All Season Shell. Again. I have completely 200% abso-freaking-lutely sworn off any and all LionBrand patterns. I consider myself pretty adept at reading patterns (not charts…yet), I haven’t had even a quarter of the problems with other patterns I’ve used that I have had with LionBrand Patterns. From a hat where the increases were wrong to the felting disaster of ’06 where the row count was wrong, to this A.S.S. 😆 where the row count is also wrong. I managed to correct the back but not the front. By the time I got to the front I was so fed up with the damn thing. I mean, it’s not a hard piece. It’s a straight 2×2 rib all the way until you get to the arm holes, then you decrease/cast off, then you work the neck/shoulder decreases. Yeah. They can do 2×2 rib just fine (who can’t) but when it comes to decreases and having the row counts add up to the wrong side/right side they indicate in the pattern, forget it.

But I’m not bitter lol.

I’m still working on my felted bag. Mostly in my head, thinking how I want to attach the flap and the handles. It will be drawstring closure with a flap over it, but I haven’t decided if I want backpack-like straps or a purse-like strap…decisions decisions.

I also started another project born out of frustration. I was frustrated with the commissary (grocery store for military & their dependents) never having plastic bags. They have paper, and yes I know they are better for the environment but they are NOT better for my back. I have to carry them up the steps into my house then somehow figure out how to set them down without bending over. They pack them so that each bag has about 30lbs in it and unlike plastic bags where you can let them hang off the bottom of your hands and drop them (gently!) to the floor, you can’t do that with paper. So I went in search of a knitting shopping bag. Tried the one at MagKnits (Saturday Shopping Bag?). Didn’t like it. I don’t know why it’s done on circs because it’s in two peices that you sew together. When I did it on circs, then tried to slide the stitches off the cord & back onto the needle, the yarnovers got all mixed in with the psso’s and k1s so I was hopelessly lost. Screw that. I don’t like the Itsy Bitsy on Knitty.com, at least not for a shopping bag. It would be great for a beach bag though (hmm, thinking…). There’s another mesh bag, but it calls for 13dpns and I don’t have them (yet) nor am I planning on buying them just to make some shopping bags.

So, I’m making on up as I go along. I’ve got the bottom and the first few rows of the sides done. I think I’m just gonna do k2tog yo around…still thinking about it some.

I have not cast on for my second sockapalooza sock. I’m pacing myself. I know they aren’t due to be shipped until August, so I’m indulging in a little procrastination 😀