This easy baby cardigan is so easy, I just may finish it by the end of the week. Remember where it was yesterday morning? (scroll down) Well, here it is this afternoon.

This is after 2 hrs knitting yesterday and 1.5 hrs of knitting today. All I have left are the sleeves 🙂 I even sewed up the hood seams just to see what it would look like. Here is a close up of the colors:

It’s for a boy. Do you think there’s too much pink/purple in it? I know I know, it really doesn’t matter. And it wouldn’t …if this were my son. But it’s for a co-worker.

Since I got so much of the sweater, I indulged in a little dishcloth making. Believe it or not, I have never made one of these.

I can see how they would be addictive. Although it’s a little too wide for my tastes, I do like the way the pattern turns out. I may have to make one with two solid colors next time. AFTER I finish the Easy Baby Cardigan sleeves 🙂