I have decided that any pattern that has a chart as opposed to written words is NOT for me. I’d rather poke my eyes out with a dull knitting needle than read another chart. My first attempt at charts was Pomatomus. Beautiful pattern, beautiful socks. Really.

But after just two rows of reading the chart I was SICK & TIRED of looking down at the chart, back up at my knitting, down at the chart, back up at my knitting. No thankyouverymuch. Why can’t they just be written in words? Writing a pattern out in charts can’t be any easier than words….doesn’t the pattern have to be in words before it’s put in a chart first anyway?

Ugh. Just frustrated, cuz I really wanted to make a bunch of socks this summer and quite a few of them are charts only. Unless I go through and translate each & every one, which is way to much work for me right now lol.

I finished my DreamSwatch Headwrap. It’s not as long as the pattern called for, but it used a whole skein of Artyarns Supermerino and it’s long enough to tie under my hair 🙂

This was very fun to do. The pattern is easily memorized and very portable. I actually finished this at my sons’ first t-ball game of the summer.