They are finished! Phew!

These were a little harrowing. I bought two skeins of Knitpicks Essential in “Dusk” a while back . They were purchased with the intent on making my husband socks. They were purchased before I realized just how BIG my husband’s feet were. It took me a while to find the perfect pattern for dh’s socks. I finally settled on the # One Husband Socks from Whimsical Knitting Designs. I loved the pattern, dh liked the length (another discovery…he likes his socks relatively long…eep!). Even though the pattern called for 150g and I only had 100g, I forged on. I figured, if I ran out it would be towards the end of the second sock and I could buy more yarn (and an excuse to buy extra to get that free shipping offered by Knitpicks ) and finish the foot. I wouldn’t worry about dye lots matching because it would be hidden by his shoe.

I finished the first sock with literally less than 1 yard of yarn left from the first skein. It was close…and knowing that yardage on skeins are not exactly the same for each & every skein, I was worried about sock #2. But I kept going. I finished sock number two last night. They are twins 🙂 With this pattern, I have learned the value of keeping notes as I knit. I made note that on the first sock, the foot took 9 pattern repeats before decreasing for the toe so that when I came to the second sock I could just count pattern repeats rather than pull out my measuring tape to see when it hit 9 inches. This made the foot go by much faster. I am thinking of making a smaller version of these socks for my sons. Although, not with the yarn leftover from dh’s socks because this is all that was left after sock #2


In between socks #1 and 2, I needed a break from socks and tiny needles. I cast on for the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet. I used the LionBrand CottonEase recycled from my frogged attempt at the All Season Shell (aka A.S.S.).  It was a very quick knit, probably took me 5-6 hours of knitting all told. I love that it’s very easily adaptable to all sizes. Just keep knitting/increasing until it fits 🙂 My kind of pattern! It took about 1.75 skeins of CottonEase. The color is “Lime”. I did decide that the closure (for me) should be at the bottom rather than the top. I have this claustrophobic thing about my neck. I’m thinking I will do some i-cord and just sew them for a tie closure. It’s just pinned in the picture:

Now I think I will cast on some Jaywalkers with my new SockPixie yarn “So 80’s”. Can you believe I have never made a pair??