And oh my gosh are they gorgeous!!!

I have never had someone else knit me socks before. These are so so so soft, a Merino/Cashmere blend. Another first for me…I’ve never had cashmere anything (well, unless you count my Body Wash ). The fit is absolutely perfect! I didn’t even have to struggle to get them over my heel…something I almost always have to do with socks I make for myself. The stitches are so even and neat, I love the pattern on the leg and how it switches to wide ribbing on the top of the foot. The heel is gorgeous, with ribbing identical to the top of the foot and a nice garter stitch edge. The colors are fantabulous!! It’s called “Orange Blossoms”. She also sent some extra yarn for darning, two very cool skeins of Opal Glitter yarn, and an awesome card (where did you find them!?).

Thank you thank you thank you to my wonderful partner Suzann!!!!