The college semester is over, all but the finals. But to be honest, I’m not overly worried. I have two in class, accounting and computer programming. The accounting class I recently found out I don’t even need, so I’m not very motivated about that class. I’ll study for the exam, but I’m not going to bend over backwards doing it. Computer programming is open notes, open book…again, not worried. All of our exams in that class have been open notes open book and I think I’ve had to look up something once. I also have an online class, meteorology, that I will have a final exam for. The test is usually open for a couple of days, and again …open notes, open book. This is another class that I recently found out I do not need, so again with the lack of motivation. So yeah, a full half of my classes this semester were for naught. My only other final would have been economics, but I managed to get exempt from the exam because the prof’s policy is maintain a 90% average or better on all the exams and have perfect attendence and you can be exempt from the exam. Wahoo! Go me! I am so excited to be done with this semester!!

More good news! Dh was offered the job he interviewed for a while back. He actually had a third interview with the company this afternoon & they made him a job offer. He will start on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Yah!!!

Knitting content:

I was finally able to get my computer to allow me to upload & edit pictures without crashing on me. Here is the lovely package sent to me by my Knitters Treat Exchange Spoiler, Kitty Kitty:

Ohhhhh man, did she pick winners!!! How did she know I have been stalking Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “River” and “Fresh Stripes”. Seriously, that was one of the yummy yarns I had to resist buying last week! I know JUST what I’m going to knit too…. River Rapics (pdf file). And boy do I feel like an idiot, I have been wanting to make this pattern, with the LL “River” just because I thought they would go to together well. Plus I am really loving Good Charlotte’s new CD with the song “The River” lately. Well, duh, I read the pattern and it’s made with LL “River”. Jeesh! Can you tell I pick out patterns just by looking at the picture & not reading the actual pattern πŸ˜†
Also in the package were tea sweets from Amai Tea & Bake House, Carmel White Hot Chocolate…and really, it’s white when you make it, and sooo good! There’s also bath confetti, a pumice sponge, an exfoliating washcloth, size 0 dpns, and the Issue #1 “Sock it to me” sock pattern booklet.

P, you did AWESOME! Thank you so much for being such a great partner πŸ˜€

I have been doing a little knitting here & there in between last minute school projects I have(had) to do. I’ve decided to retry the LionBrand All-Season Shell (which I have been secretly calling a*s*s). This time I’m using LB CottonEase in “Lime”. Perfect for Project Spectrum colors of April/May. I am really liking the yarn, it’s holding up way better than the TLC Cotton Plus “Salsa” that I tried it in the first time. My only complaint is the errors in the pattern. It never fails. Is it just me and the LB patterns I choose? Isa, did you have any problems with the WS/RS thing when you got to the arm hole decreases on the back? Anyway, I’ve finished the back and gotten about 1/3 through the front and I’ve run out of yarn. Gah!!

Running out of yarn is my theme for the week. I’ve started another booga bag, for myself, using Patons SWS “Natural Earth”. I LOVE this yarn, LOVE these colors (more green for Project Spectrum). Just gorgeous. I’m making a couple of modifications. I want to make it a drawstring bag where the strings hang in the front & make a flap with a button. I got to within 10 rows of being done with the body & starting the flap….and RAN OUT OF YARN. LOL

A couple of weeks ago, I finished the first sock of “Mom’s Mother’s Day Socks”. I don’t think they are going to work for mom. They are quite tight for me to get on, so I am thinking they will go to my youngest daughter. I did get them on long enough to model them for the ole blog though.

I think I will retry the same pattern and just use a size 3 circ rather than a size 1 and see how that goes. I really like the pattern. It’s uber easy to memorize and I was able to convert it to one circ (rather than dpns) with no problems.

I took a break from running out of yarn and knit up a couple of squares for Hokie Healing

And since I can’t finish either of my other two projects, I cast on another pair of socks for my oldest dd…who is in the process of creating her own knitblog!

I think that’s enough pictures for tonight. Next time, pictures of stitchmarkers that I made a few weeks back, an updated on my newly found LYS, and closeup pictures of that lovely Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “River” and “Fresh Stripe” from my KTE partner πŸ˜€


I’m taking one today. Whoo boy, do I need it!

In less than 2 weeks I will be through with the semester. I take my last final on May 14th …at the buttcrack o’ dawn to boot. I’m finding I just cannot fit another single thing in my brain. It’s full. Overloaded even.

Much like my computer until recently. I’m having memory issues w/ my home computer. It’s not very old, about 2yrs old. And we already added more memory to it soon after we bought it (HP puts Windows XP on the computer then gives you just barely enough memory to run the dang program & nothing else). Lately I’ve been getting the “Low Memory” warning, as well as slow loading of programs/pages, etc. I even got that warning when I tried to defrag that I didn’t have enough memory to defrag! D’oh!! πŸ˜†

The last straw was this morning trying to edit some photos from a baby shower I went to last weekend and the computer wouldn’t let me edit or if it did let me edit just a little bit, it wouldn’t let me save it back to the disk as edited. Said something about there wasn’t enough memory on the ‘scratch disk’, whatever the hell that is.

So apparently I have too much shit useful information on my computer. I went through my files, pictures, music, videos, and programs and deleted a BUNCH of stuff I don’t use/need. Like the Windows Office 2003 that came with this computer…you know, the one that lets you use it a whopping 30 days after turning on the computer for the first time after purchase, then requires you to BUY the stupid program to use the files you created with it during those 30 days. Then just sits there taking up 4.1G of space on your hard drive. Yeah, that one. Along with a few others I don’t need on there, like games that I have the disks for, stuff like that.

Restarted my computer and it’s like magic! I’ll defrag it again later (something you should do regularly, especially after adding/removing programs – puts ‘things’ back where they belong so to speak).

Back to my Mental Health Day. I stayed home today rather than slug off to Accounting 101. I recently found out I did not need that class, two days after the last “drop without penalty day”..adding insult to injury. That class along with another class I am finding absolutely no joy in, meteorology. Grrrr!! Needless to say, I’m finding it really hard to motivate myself to complete these courses. I will, it’s just that I’m not going to bend over backwards attempting As or even Bs when I could be spending my limited brain power on the other two courses that I do need and enjoy very much (computer programming and economics).

I stayed home and played Susie Homemaker today. A role I very much enjoy & miss greatly. I didn’t get out of my jammies until almost noon!! Swept & mopped the floors, cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the stove & microwave, folded laundry. I even BAKED!! Rice Custard, yum:

4 eggs
1/8 tsp. salt
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 C cooked rice
1 cup coconut, optional
3 1/2 C milk

Beat eggs and sugar. Stir in rice and remaining ingredients. Pour into casserole dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours or until knife comes out clean.


Knitting content: As soon as I get my pictures all sorted out, I’ll post what I’ve completed so far (5hrs baby sweater w/ LionBrand Homespun – rant included, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat) and what I’m working on (mom’s mother’s day socks – #1 almost done) and another felted bag, this one a little bit different. You’ll see. I’ve also taught myself a new technique πŸ˜€

I also got my partner for the Sockapalooza Four, so excited! I’ve been window sock shopping. I found out we may have an actual LYS nearby, so hopefully I can talk dh into driving out there tomorrow or Friday. I got an email from the Sockapalooza participant who drew my name **waves**

Knitter’s Treat Exchange update: I have received a LOVELY package from my partner, she has contacted me to let me know there is more to follow (pictures next time, I promise). I also got my treatee’s package out. I can’t wait to hear that she’s received it. I really like this swap stuff!

That’s all for today folks! Back to my Mental Health Day πŸ™‚

If anyone could spare some good luck vibes…the hubster has a job interview RIGHT NOW!

Oh, by the way….anyone know how I can get my WordPress Blogroll to show up on my blog? I see it in my dashboard/admin panel, but I can’t find where to get it to show up on my side panel. I would have thought it would be in the widgets, I could have sworn it used to be there before they changed them recently… Anyone? Bueller? πŸ˜†

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