Oh my! Tuesday is my last day of classes!!! Can I get a whoop whoop!?!! I can’t wait to have an entire summer of mental health days 😀

As promised, here is the 5 hrs baby sweater I finished over the weekend. Started it on Saturday, didn’t finish it until Sunday afternoon. It should not have taken me that long. I blame the yarn. I hate HATE HATE LionBrand Homespun. Ugh! It gets bunchy, it unravels as soon as you cut it. Weaving in ends is proving to be absolutely horrendous. I haven’t even attempted seaming the sleeves or putting on the cute flower buttons I bought for it. I will never use this yarn again. Ever.

Just in case you were doubtful. Here is a close up of the ends I have yet to weave inArrrrgggg!!!

Any tips on making these frayed ends easier to weave in? What about seeming the sleeves? The buttons I’m going to use button thread …but the rest. Blah.
Revel in my dorkiness

I also did a bit of crocheting last week or so. I made this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hat for a friend. Her son was having a TMNT party and while searching for cute party favors she came across a crocheted TMNT hat in an Etsy shop.
After looking at the picture I was able to make one for her to wear to her son’s party. Her son didn’t want one, but she did lol. She’s such a hoot!

(gonna miss ya Tamra!)

Added bonus? It has green in it for Project Spectrum, at which I have been failing poorly.

I have not been able to get decent pictures of my Knitters Treat Package that came last Saturday. I will try tomorrow while the kids & hubster are out of the house. I also need to post pictures of the package I won at Knitting Troll’s Blogaversary contest.

This weekend while driving the 4 looong hours down to my inlaws for the day I decided to teach myself how to knit continental. I’ve always been told that since I crocheted first and crocheters (usually) hold their working yarn in their left hand, that it should come easy to me to knit continental.

It doesn’t.

I can do it. It’s very slow going, my hand cramps, and I haven’t quite figured out how to purl continental yet. I’m going to keep working at it. I like the reduced movements that continental knitting has compared to the throwing that I usually do. It’s so awkward though. I just keep reminding myself that knitting in general used to feel awkward too but got better with practice.

Mom’s socks are coming along. I’m having a bit of an issue with the cuff being too tight. I’ve tried the two needle bind of in the rib pattern (k2p1), I’ve tried a binding off with a bigger needle and I’ve tried the crochet bind off (with as big a hook as I could fit in the loops). It’s still fairly tight 😦 I don’t think they will fit mom. Dangit. I’m open to suggestions….

Speaking of socks, I’ve joined the Summer of Socks and added the button on my sidebar. I can’t think of a better way to pass the summer than by knitting socks 😀

Next time… the Good & Bad news of finally finding an LYS within driving distance!!!


I’ve updated my Flickr account and added all the pictures that I’ve taken of nearly everything I’ve made (crocheted & knitted). Just click on the little Flickr widget on the right side of the page there & you’ll see them. All 67 of them…the good, the bad, and the fug LOL.

Elfine #2 has been cast on and is going well. I’ve finished the toe increases and am ready to start the lace pattern on the instep. I still refuse to pick up that dang baby blanket. I think I’ll just leave it where it is the entire spring break and start bringing that to class to work on. I plan on being done with Elfine #2 by then so I’ll need something to keep my hands busy.

Went to Borders this weekend to see if they had Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off. They didn’t. 😦 I did get Knitting Under the Influence. Started it after dinner last night and finished it around midnight. It was good, very low on the knitting content, but quite a few laugh out loud moments (“stop saying lick the steak!”). And since I already finished The Friday Night Knitting Club and The Knitting Circle (both fantabulous!) I got a few more books while I was there.
The Kite Runner
The Kommandant’s Girl

I’ve got plenty of time on my hands to get them read before spring break is over. If I ignore my online class…..

Okay, here is the 5 Hours Boy Sweater, all sewn and ends woven in (my least favorite part). It’s made with Bernat Baby Coordinates in Blue Bon Bon:
Image hosting by Photobucket

And the Piece of My Heart Dishcloth I finished on Friday, it’s not a very good picture, I think I’ll try to scan it later. It’s done in Lion Cotton Poppy Red:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I have another item that I’ve finished but it’s a gift so I’ll wait to post it until after she’s received it so I don’t ruin the surprise Image hosting by Photobucket.

Last night I crocheted the cradle purse. I had started a different pattern and didn’t like it much. It was poorly written and full of errors (I’m beginning to wonder if I could make a career out of editing patterns lol). But this one is fabulous! And too cute! It’s done in Caron Wintuk Soft Lilac and scrap white acrylic.

First it’s a purse:
Image hosting by Photobucket

Then you turn it inside out and it’s a cradle:
Image hosting by Photobucket

I’ve already started a second one in yellow 🙂

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